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Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Student Support Services

Here you will find people to help and advise you

Student Support Services include:

  • Student Support Team
  • Attendance Officer
  • Keystage 3/4 Co-ordinator
  • Work Experience Co-ordinator
  • Careers Co-ordinator
  • First Aid room

Support may be offered on a daily, weekly, short or long term basis. We try to respond appropriately whatever the need. In doing so, we also work with a larger range of services for young people e.g. Connexions, Youth Services, Social Services, Mental Health Services, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Services, Eating Disorders and other specialist support networks.

Students with Special Educational Needs  have a dedicated classroom to work during their non-curriculum time. Specialist counselling, EWO, Social Services and the DSL are available through our integrated services team. The College operates a policy of inclusion in mainstream curriculum, but individual needs are met through Individual Education Plans.

Tic Tac

Tic Tac provides on site CONFIDENTIAL help and advice for all students at Callington Community College and are based in the bungalow, opposite Main Reception.
The team is made up of two doctors and three practice nurses from Tamar Valley Health along with Cheryl, the on site coordinator who will be able to help and advise students when they come in should they want to talk to someone about a worry or concern.

Tic Tac are not part of the College but completely independent and are therefore able to offer any student from the College a completely confidential service. This means they do not tell anyone at the College about their visit and it is also preferred that College staff do not use the building during Tic Tac time.

Tic Tac is open every day at second break, students are welcome to take their lunch along with them.

Useful Links

Below is a list of links that may prove useful:

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Children staying safe online has never been more important. As a parent how do you keep track of what your child is doing and make sure they're staying safe?

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