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Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Staff List

Below is a list of our Leadership Team, a full alphabetical list of all Teaching Staff with their responsibilities, and a list of Support Staff grouped by role.

Leadership Team 

Principal: Mrs W Ainsworth

Deputy Principal: Miss C Campbell

Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning: Mrs M Inger

Assistant Principal - College Culture: Mrs K Lamb

Assistant Principal - Student Welfare and Attendance: Mr R Taylor

Extended Leadership: Mr B Aird

Extended Leadership: Miss A Larigo

Extended Leadership: Mr E Davis

Extended Leadership: Miss R Dunlop

Extended Leadership: Miss C Mitchell

Extended Leadership: Mrs K Kirby

Director of School Services: Mrs A Underwood

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Miss G Parker

Head of Finance and Business: Mr C Hayter

SENDCo: Miss K Jones

Teaching Staff 

Mrs W Ainsworth - Science / Geography

Mr B Aird - Head of Year 9 / English

Mr N Aird - Geography / Curriculum Lead: Global Studies

Mr G Al-Caniz - Lead Teacher: Spanish / Classics

Mrs L Atkins - English

Mrs P Bagshaw - Head of Year 10 / English

Miss K Bailey - Social Sciences

Miss Z Bailey - Art

Mrs H Blake - Computing

Miss C Campbell - Modern Foreign Languages / Latin 

Mr S Carson - Design Technology

Miss N Cottrell - Science

Mr E Davis - Politics / Criminology / Sociology  / PSHE / Curriculum Lead: Cultural Studies Faculty

Miss R Dunlop - Head of Year 11 / Religious Education / Curriculum Lead: Social Sciences

Mrs E Dyer - English / Mathematics

Mrs K Edwards - English / Media Studies

Miss S Fernandez - Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs L Frost - Science

Mrs Y Graham - Mathematics

Mr R Hammond - Head of Year 7 / PE

Mr L Hazeldine - PE / Mathematics

Mrs H Heath - Mathematics

Mr M Hortop - Art and Design / Photography

Mrs C Hurdwell - History / Curriculum Lead: History and Politics Faculty

Mrs M Inger - Science

Miss K Jones - Psychology 

Mrs K Kirby - English / Media Studies / Film Studies / Curriculum Lead: Communications Faculty

Mrs K Lamb - English / Curriculum Lead: English

Mr A Lane - Music / Curriculum Lead: Performing Arts Faculty

Miss A Larigo - Curriculum Lead: Mathematics 

Ms J Layton - Food Technology / Catering

Mrs A Lewis - Science

Miss A Littler - Geography

Mrs B McEwan - Mathematics

Mr M Mercer - Mathematics

Miss R Miles - English and Media

Miss C Mitchell - PE / Sport Science / Curriculum Lead: Wellbeing Faculty 

Mr A Murray - Head of year 8 / PE / Business Studies

Mr N Moore - Mathematics

Mrs F Osborne - Science

Miss R Pertersen - English / Drama

Mr A Petherick - Science

Mr M Piper - PE 

Mr R Procter - Music / Drama

Mrs S Profaska - History

Ms A Ramwell - Art / Photography / Curriculum Lead: Art and Design Faculty

Miss B Read - Science

Mr P Roberts - History

Mr I Smith - History

Mr N Smith - Science / Curriculum Lead: Science 

Mr R Taylor - Science 

Ms S Trujillo - Modern Foreign Languages

Dr J Turner - Assistant Curriculum Lead: Science

Mr J Walke - Geography

Mr B Watts - Mathematics

Mrs C Wilson - Health and Social Care

Mrs K Yendell - Assistant Curriculum Lead: English

Support Staff 


Mrs L Fearn - Attendance Officer

Miss C Harbottle - Curriculum Administrator and Communications Officer

Mr C Hayter - Business Manager

Mrs T Locke - Receptionist

Miss V McDonald - Examinations Officer

Mrs C Merritt - Deputy DSL / Safeguarding Administrator

Mr D Newman - Day to Day Planning Coordinator / Lead First Aider

Mrs T Rice - Sixth Form Pastoral Manager & Administrator

Mrs S Robertson - Data and Assessment Manager

Mrs S Trice - Assistant Head of Finance

Mrs M Underwood - Director of School Services / Headteacher's PA / Staff Well-being Coordinator

Mrs M Woollett - Finance Officer


Mrs K Ball

Mr C Bennett - Specialist Catch-up Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Carter-Schnepp - Pastoral Support Assistant

Mr N Clark

Mrs S Cook

Mrs R Cruise - Assistant SENDCo

Mrs P Davis-Gregory - Behaviour Manager

Mrs E Dean

Miss B Elliott

Mrs C Williams

Mrs P James - Pastoral Support Assistant

Mrs L Jules - Deputy SENDCo

Miss N Martin

Mr D Olver

Miss G Parker - Director of Student Support / Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Povey

Mr B Tredinnick

Mrs B Watts - TIS Practitioner

Ms L Westington

Mrs L Hazeldine - Work Experience Manager / Inclusion Support Assistant


Miss Z Bailey

Ms K Jackson

Mrs T Pike


Ms F Creber - Art

Mrs S Davis-Butler - Science

Miss C James - PE

Mr J Littlejohns - ICT Network Manager

Mrs C Parsons - Food Technology

Miss B Pearton - Science

Mrs K Smith - Reprographics Manager

Mr M Taylor - ICT


Mr G Dean - Assistant Facilities Manager

Mr T Hepper - Facilities Manager

Mr B Lynch - Painter and Decorator

Mr B Woodrow - Minibus Driver


Mr H James

Mr P Jones

Ms P MacDougall

Miss K Maitland

Mr P Montgomery-Smith

Mr M Osborne

Ms R Peters


Mrs J Clarke

Mrs M Coldman

Mrs J Cribb

Ms S Edwards

Mrs H Floyd - Cook Supervisor

Mrs K Hepper

Mrs A Hoskin

Ms M Male

Mrs A Walker - Catering Manager

Mrs F Wilson


Mrs J Capeling

Mrs M Dustan - College Housekeeper

Mr R Gander

Miss J Mutton

Mrs S Rich

Mr S Sanders

Mrs C Stephens

Mrs V Trevithick

Mr D Williams


Mrs J Ponting - Programme Manager

Mrs M Roberts - Development Manager