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Reporting Absence

Sixth Form Attendance Guidelines and Expectations 2018-2019


Tel: 01579 386014

The sixth form attendance guidelines and expectations document has been drawn up to clarify expectations for students in post 16 education at Callington Community College Sixth Form

Consistent high levels of attendance and excellent punctuality are both characteristics of students who achieve above or in-line with their potential. Research shows that poor attendance and punctuality has a serious detrimental effect on outcomes. Attendance falling below 95% has been shown to result in an average reduction of one grade at A level per subject and this increases to two grades when attendance falls below 90%.

One of our sixth form aims is to reduce to zero the number of students whose attendance drop below 90%. Our attendance targets for the 2017-2018 academic year is set at an aspirational level of 96%.

Reporting Student Absence

Students or their parent/carer should inform the College by phone or email on the first day of absence by 9.00am. This procedure is expected until the student returns to College.

Students or their parent/carer are asked to phone 01579 386014 or email to inform the College of any absences.

If an absence is planned for a known and valid reason in advance (see below) the student should inform the Sixth Form office beforehand by completing a green absence request form.

 Sixth Form Attendance Guidelines and Expectations below