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Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Callington Community College


I am delighted to have the privilege of sharing with you our Ofsted report. We are extremely pleased with the report, it was a positive experience throughout and they were able to recognise the wonderful contributions our young people make to the College and the investments over time that have secured some fabulous improvements.

Ofsted judges secondary schools in 5 discrete areas: Quality of Education (which reports on teaching and learning practices in the classroom), Leadership and Management (which examines the work of all leaders in the College and their overview of departmental areas), Behaviour and Attitudes (which also incorporates attendance data), Personal Development and Welfare (which examines students’ opportunities for wider curriculum experiences), Sixth Form Provision and an overall judgement.

We secured ‘Good’ in the three areas of Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development and Welfare and Sixth Form provision. This is hugely significant as it recognises the purposeful learning environment we have, the broad range of extra-curricular opportunities we have and our brilliant Sixth form. The report very much identifies the positive experience our students receive with comments like, “Pupils told inspectors that the school was a strong community where different year groups mixed well. Pupils are kind, respectful and supportive of each other. There is a harmonious learning atmosphere throughout the school” and “Pupils say they feel safe at school. Pupils know that staff care about them”. We are so very pleased that our strong community ethos was recognised and also how our strong pastoral systems are enabling an environment where students can learn. “Pupils behave well in lessons and around the school. The school’s systems help pupils to focus in lessons well. Pupils say that staff deal with bullying issues effectively”. 

We still have work to do. They recognised that our renewed focus on teaching and learning practices in the classroom, greater opportunities for reading across the curriculum and an investment in improving the provision for students with identified SEND was entirely appropriate and that our actions are the right ones to secure those improvements rapidly. Whilst our overall judgement is currently ‘Requires Improvement’, we are not disappointed or daunted. We simply need the next 18 months to fully embed these actions and I am fully confident that our next inspection will yield the ‘Good’ outcome (if not better!) across the board.

I will finish with one statement that a student made to the inspectors and struck them so greatly that they acknowledged it in their report; “The College is like a shell – It’s the same on the outside but has changed for the better on the inside.” I hope you enjoy reading our report and also feel the same level of pride that we do.

With warmest regards

Wendy Ainsworth

The full report can be found on the Ofsted website, and can also be read by downloading a copy below or by clicking here.

We invite Parents and Carers to complete an online ‘Parent View’ survey, at any time of the year, to give Ofsted their views about Callington Community College.

The questionnaire can be accessed directly from the Parent View website, or by clicking on the image below.