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Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Callington Community College


It gives me very great delight that we are now able to share our Ofsted outcome. 

Ofsted rates the College on 5 categories and then gives one overall judgement.

They are:

The quality of education – Good
Behaviour and Attitudes – Good
Personal development – Good
Leadership and Management – Good
Sixth Form Provision – Good
Overall effectiveness – Good

We truly are delighted to be formally recognised as a ‘good’ school. I really do credit the entire school community with this – the work of teachers in creating and delivering curriculums of excellent quality, the support staff who work tirelessly to ensure children stay the main priority and can excel in a clean, safe, supportive environment, the children whose commitment to learning and each other was so well evidenced over the two days and to parents and carers, who support us relentlessly and ensure that we work together to promote success and opportunity for all.

There are many elements of the report that we are thrilled with, in particular the recognition of us being ambitious, the strength of relationships between staff and students, teachers’ strong subject knowledge and the very strong culture of safeguarding. We are delighted they recognised our commitment to ensuring we are more than just academic successes and that our student leadership opportunities and promotion of extra-curricular events also contribute greatly to what we do.

I genuinely am so very proud of every member of this school community and what it stands for.

There are of course, things to still work on – assessment that is accurate and acute in identifying need and adjustment and ensuring appropriate adaptation occurs for all learners with SEND. Our College development plan highlights four key improvement strands; Curriculum, Assessment, Reading and SEND and we won’t be resting on our laurels. We will still be deeply committed to providing a quality experience that promotes success, affords opportunity, nurtures and provides emotional, academic and social support for every day.

Thank you for all that you have done and contributed to support us on our journey. I hope you enjoy reading our report as much as we did.

Many thanks and best wishes

Wendy Ainsworth


The full report is available here on the Ofsted website, and can also be read by downloading a copy below.

We invite Parents and Carers to complete an online ‘Parent View’ survey, at any time of the year, to give Ofsted their views about Callington Community College.

The questionnaire can be accessed directly from the Parent View website, or by clicking on the image below.