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Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Hospitality and Catering


Key Stage 4

GCSE Hospitality and Catering

Unit 1 - 4731: Practical assessment – 60% weighting – 2 Controlled assessment practical exams with accompanying paper work

Unit 2 - 4732: Written exam – 40% - 1 hr 15 min written exam under formal examination conditions

3 year course (2 hours per week)


Sept/Oct Half term

Nov/Dec Half term

Jan/Feb Half term

Feb/March Half term

April/May Half term

June/July Half term


Intro to course. Main focus linked to hygiene. Fruit and vegetable module focussing on prep and cooking

Fruit and veg cont.

Rice and pasta dishes accompanied with theory linking to nutrition and cooking techniques

Rice and pasta cont

Baking module: Cakes

Students cover practical and theory linked to baking

Baking module: Pastry skills

Baking module cont: Students refine their piping and decoration skills in preparation for controlled assessment 1


Students start Controlled assessment 1 booklet.

Complete controlled assessment 1 practical exam

Intro to Italian module. Theory to look at menu planning, types of menu and methods of service.

Italian module (cont)


British module begins looking at classic main and pudding dishes. Theory linked to special diets and vegetarianism

British module (cont)


Start Controlled assessment no.2. Practical exam – 2 course meal plus accompaniments and a coursework booklet for planning and evaluation tasks.


Complete  controlled assessment 2

Revision for final exam

Revision for final exam

Revision for final exam