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Callington Community College

Business Studies

Business Studies surrounds us every day.  As a department we passionately believe that these subjects, will significantly enhance the opportunities available to young learners.

We are an energetic and ambitious team, who seek to deliver rich and innovative lessons that enthuse our learners about Business and equip them with the skills they need to support their future aspirations.

Our results reveal that learners flourish in our classrooms and benefit from the support and feedback we give. 

We offer both Economics and Business Studies.  Both subjects are taught to A Level.

Why study Business Studies?

This is a practical courses which emphasises the study of the real world.   The qualification has been designed to enable learners to progress into employment, an apprenticeship or further study at university.  By studying  Business Studies, learners will develop the following skills:

  • Analytical thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Evaluation skills
  • Numeracy skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to think logically
  • Presentation skills
  • Report writing skills.

These skills will allow learners to consider a very wide range of careers including options such as:

  • Management consultancy
  • Trading
  • Teaching
  • Chartered accountancy
  • Advertising
  • Investment banking
  • Banking services
  • Retail
  • Distribution and logistics management
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Marketing executive
  • Market research executive
  • Personnel officer
  • Public relations officer
  • Retail management
  • Sales management

Key Stage 4

This GCSE course ensures learners develop the skills to equip them for their futures.  It is a useful stepping stone to further study at A level and beyond.  Business Studies is one of the most popular subjects for further study and also prepares learners for the world of work.  This is a qualification which is actively sought by employers in a wide variety of settings.

Learners study a range of topics which include setting up a business, how organisations market themselves, how they make products/services, how they recruit and retain staff and how the changing world impacts on them.  During the course learners will, therefore, look at all aspects of setting up and running a business and will apply their learning to real world organisations.  This course is an exciting introduction to the workings of organisations from small sole traders to large multinational businesses.

The aim of this course is to ensure that learners have the skills to equip them in a wide range of vocations.  This course gives a good foundation for further study beyond GCSE.  As a department we believe it is important to use a wide variety of learning methods with an emphasis on investigating real organisations.  Business simulations, interactive ICT learning, role play and independent research will all be used to help to bring the real world into the classroom.

Learners will study the WJEC GCSE Business Studies course

Key Stage 5

Business Studies

This is a wide ranging, practical course with an emphasis on studying real world businesses. This qualification has been designed to enable learners to progress into employment, an apprenticeship or further study at university.  The course has been developed with leading employers, universities and professional bodies. 

Learners will learn about the role of finance in planning an enterprise and analysing and making financial decisions.  In addition they will study how organisations use human, physical and financial resources to achieve their goals.  They will also investigate the nature of enterprising behaviour and how to exploit entrepreneurial opportunities.  Learners will investigate how managers organise, motivate and lead employees through change to achieve business objectives.  They will also develop their own business proposal, present it and evaluate its likely success.  Learners may also be involved in planning, coordination and managing a one-off event.

This course has a practical approach to delivery and assessment.  Learners will be basing all of their investigations on real businesses and will be developing their ideas and proposals in the context of real world issues.  There will be a significant focus on developing a new and unique business proposal and learners will need to organise and run a successful project.

Learners will study the AQA Applied General Business course