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Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Callington Community College

RAF 'Fun with Flight' Roadshow!

On the 26 May we were privileged to have the RAF education roadshow 'Fun with Flight' visit the school and perform to all of year 8 and 9.

This high energy show featured a real jet engine, which was really, really loud, a huge drone which was intercepted by one of the presenters with just an ipad (to explain the growing issue of cyber security) and also a large air blower to explain how aeroplanes actually stay in the sky. 

The year 8 and 9 students who watched the show said afterwards; 'it was exciting!', 'I didn't know there were so many other jobs in the RAF other than being a pilot' and 'I now understand forces better!'. 

This is the first time we have had the RAF roadshow at the school and we will definitely be inviting them back next year! 

Mrs. Frost  Science Teacher