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Callington Community College

The 'Breathers' visit Year 8 PSHE lesson

On 30 March,  Joe Barr and Mick Elliot AKA the ‘Breathers’ completed their final session with Year 8 in their PSHE lessons on the impact that smoking has had on their health. All the sessions were typified by complete engagement and many thoughtful questions from the students. This is the 9th year that Joe and Mick have worked with our students meaning they have run their excellent session with approximately 1800 students at Callington! Their impact is clear with 86% of students indicating that they are less likely to experiment with or continue smoking having participated in their session.

Year 8 students suggested that the best things about the sessions were:

“The use of props to show how much tar etc. was inside smokers’ lungs”

“It made you realise how bad smoking actually is.”

“I learnt a lot about the range of different illnesses that can stem from smoking.”

“Understanding how their life really was, it helped look behind the statistics”.