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Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Callington Community College

BBC 'Own It' website

A website full of fun and empowering tips, insight, stories and advice to help 9-13 year olds be the boss of their online lives.

Own It brings a child’s perspective of online life and the issues it throws up. It covers everything from online privacy and avoiding malware, through to dealing with everyday dilemmas children face online, as well as having fun. 

Get advice

Find straight answers and get support, and know what to do if you have a problem online.

From friendship and bullying to safety and self-esteem.

Get skills

Vlogginggaming, creating – all the things you’re passionate about.

Get tips, knowledge and insider info on all the internet’s secrets.

Get inspiration

Check out what’s new and amazing in the online world, and get ideas for your digital future.

Need help?

If you need urgent help right now, we can get you the right support, right away.

Get involved!

Join us, Team Own It – along with some of our friends - and take control of your online life.