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Callington Community College

Callington Community College

Callington Community College


Further to the consultation,  Callington Community College joined the Ivybridge Multi Academy Trust on the 1 October 2016

Callington Community College is now amongst a ‘family’ of schools including Woodlands Park Primary School, Stowford School, Yealmpton Primary School, Ivybridge Community College and the soon to be opened Sherford Vale School. Click here to view the Ivybridge Academy Trust Articles of Association.

All schools in the MAT however, will have a strong Local Governing Board which will provide challenge and support in each school. Indeed, it is vital that Callington Community College continues to benefit from a vibrant Local Governing Board that has oversight of student life at the College and seeks to ensure the very best outcomes for our young people. Click here to view the Ivybridge Academy Trust Scheme of Delegation.

As of January 2017, the reconstitution of the Trust Board of Callington Community College into the Local Governing Board for Callington Community College has now been established. 

You are welcome to contact the Chair of Governors via this form and selecting Chair of Governors from the drop down list. 

Callington Community College – Local Governing Board 2017



IAT Committee Membership


Term of Office




Staff (Principal)
Mrs Kathy Hocking
Co-opted (Chair)
Mrs Kate Milton
15/12/16 – 14/12/20
Mr Charles Pitman
15/12/16 – 14/12/20
Parent (Vice Chair)
Mr Christiaan Stirling
15/12/16 – 14/12/20
Dr Jon Tilbury
15/12/16 – 14/12/20
Mrs Avril Walker
Pupil Premium
15/12/16 – 14/12/20
Mrs Jessamie Thomas

Letter from the Local Governing Board - February 2017

We are all proud of our thriving College and the students and staff who make it so unique. Over the past few months there have been some structural changes to governance arrangements, which will enable the Local Governing Board to continue to support the College going forwards.

On 1st October 2016, Callington Community College joined the Ivybridge Academy Trust (IAT).  This Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) is a group of schools, comprising Ivybridge Community College and Sherford, Stowford, Woodlands Park and Yealmpton primary schools.  Other schools in the Plymouth area are in the consultation phases of joining the MAT, and the MAT is currently in the process of choosing a new name.

A MAT offers advantages due to a larger collective body focusing on developing students as individuals and in their learning. It gives staff access to a larger network of fellow professionals, to allow them to share expertise and together support all our students in their development as learners and young adults.  Equally important are the economies of scale it offers on the business management side, thereby making savings which can be fed back into the College to maximise the benefits to our students.

The structure of a MAT is like a pyramid, with Members (unpaid volunteers) at the top who guide the overall ethos, a Trust Board (unpaid volunteers) which is the key decision-making group, and a Local Governing Board (LGB) (unpaid volunteers) who provide the valuable connection ‘on the ground’.  Focussing on the operational business side is the central services team. IAT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Rob Haring, reports to the Board. He works closely with the schools’ Principals and oversees the central services team. For the technical detail of how this works, please see the Articles of Association.

The Trust Board, headed by its Chair Mr Iain Grafton who is a National Leader of Governance, has overall responsibility for the delivery of the three core functions laid out by the Department for Education:

  • ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • holding the CEO and the academy leadership to account for the educational performance of the academies and their students and the performance management of its staff, and
  • overseeing the financial performance of the Trust and the academies within, making sure its money is well spent.

However diligent the Board members are, in practice they cannot deliver on these three areas in detail for a number of schools without assistance. They need the input of people closely connected to the schools on a day-to-day basis to give them a clear picture of whether the school is making the right improvements and to hold the local leadership to account. This is where the Local Governing Board (LGB) comes into play. Please see the attached ‘Scheme of Delegation’ for the detail of the role.

IAT values the contribution of its LGB governors; these are the people most closely connected with the College. Governors are parents, staff and local people who know the College well and who understand the vital role it plays in the local community.

Governor appointments are made by the LGB (then ratified by the Trust Board), based on a skills audit and analysis of what expertise the LGB needs. The LGB meets half termly, and its minutes and reports feed into the Trust Board to hold the College leadership to account. The approved minutes will be published on the College website. Local governors also sit on the Board’s HR, finance and audit committees. There are designated governors responsible for monitoring the key areas of safeguarding, looking after vulnerable pupils and audit.

The College has a newly constituted LGB; joining the MAT meant the previous Governing Board was superseded by a newly-formed group. Many thanks go to all our previous governors for their dedication and tremendous support of the College.  It is not completely ‘out with the old in with the new’, as four Local Governing Board governors were governors here previously, so we are benefitting from their expertise and their great familiarity with Callington Community College. Our LGB clerk is amongst the most experienced in the county, and on hand if you have any queries about governance.

We have vacancies on the Local Governing Board!

If you are skilled in finance, audit or data analysis you would be particularly welcome. Don’t worry if this doesn’t sound like you! If you have other credentials, and importantly if you have time to dedicate to the role (ideally a few hours per week) and if the prospect of working with a dynamic and committed local group ‘on the ground’ appeals to you, please contact me via the College reception, or via the Contact Page on this website .

Thank you!

Mrs Kate Milton

Chair of Local Governing Board